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Please have a seat in the couch and imagine that you are rewinded 10 million years by a time machine. The Pannon-sea is waving over the low-lying parts of the Carpathian Basin, only the mountains are higher than the sea level. In this time a peninsula was located with rich vegetation swamp cypresses and the breathing roots covered the soggy soil, where now Rudabánya`s former iron ore mine can be found.

The wildlife was suited to the subtropical climate with the four legged ancest monkey the Rudapithecus hungaricus which could be the common ancestor of the chimpanzee and the humans. Mastodons which are similar to nowdays elephants, three-toaded mesohippuses, hog kinds and lots of bigger or smaller mammals lived on the lands.

In the last decade uncountable number of bone finds were founded in this territory controlled by the Aggtelek National Park. One of them, the Rudopithecus hungaricus has international importance.

The artefact was founded by the miners when they where quarrying. After the mine closure the "Spectacle Rudopithecus of Monkey Island" became a scientific- tourist attraction. This application is supported by ÉMOP. The owner of the project is Rudabánya town. The scientific leader is László Kordos paleontologist.

On our website you can follow the progress of the project. The previous scientific research will also be founded on this website.

Following the implementation of the project we look forward to welcoming you to Rudabánya to get to know personally the unique paleontological site and fascinating countryside.

In the meantime, enjoy your stay on the site!

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